Randy Niles

NYC-based and touring Crooner/Edgy Folk songwriter, Randy Niles creates a fundamental platform for earnest songwriting which is heavily steeped in Folk/Soul & Blues.

Integrating traditional songwriting with an edge of technical savvy, Randy delivers performances that incorporates folky foot drum stomping, and tasteful live-looping techniques, which allows this self-taught “one-man band” the ability to grab the best aspects of all his surroundings and deliver an honest message of enlightenment and hope to all his listeners.

His deep exploration for challenging the heart and spirit of everyone he encounters is what makes him such a well-rounded and sought-out artist. He has the ability to bring his listeners to a “safe place” where they can privately reflect on and experience the message(s) which this unique artist delivers.

Official Website: http://randyniles.com
Listen: Soundcloud
Facebook: http://facebook.com/officialrandyniles
Instagram: @randyniles

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